3 New Poems in Rat’s Ass Review

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3 New Poems in Rat's Ass ReviewI came across Rat’s Ass Review a while ago through the brilliant Review Review website and of course, was instantly attracted to the magazines name. As a fan of finding new journals and online magazines to read, sure I had to take a look and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of poetry on the site and knew I wanted to be apart of it.

So, after sending off a few poems, Rat’s Ass Review has published three and I am delighted to part of the family. A statement by the editor of the magazine made me want to submit (along with the submission rules, go read them) here it is, Rat’s Ass Review is an online poetry journal whose editorial fancies are no more arbitrary than any other; they are simply more openly so. I publish what I like. Hilarious.

Rat’s Ass Review was originally created by David M. Harris and now by Roderick Bates, who is the current editor. There is plenty going on including a section called Love & Ensuing Madness which I have a new poem included which you can read here, and my other two will be published in the spring 2016 issue of Rat’s Ass Review (Read Here).

Check out Rat’s Ass Review here, plenty of top quality reading. Enjoy



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