An Island Festival, New Poems Online and Recipe Writing 2016

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(Re-cap) What’s Happening 2016?

An Island Festival, New Poems Online and Recipe Writing 2016Just a quick post on this website (as I normally write on my Ranting Beast Site) to fill you in on what’s been happening and what’s to come.

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to attend Inish: Island Conversations Festival out on Inishbofin. It is by far one of the best festivals I have ever attended and I really cannot wait until next year. I wrote about my experience here in an article I urge you to read entitled Island Conversations: The Inishbofin festival that is a cut above the rest.

Cúirt International Festival of Literature 2016 was my best one yet in 12 years, absolutely amazing. It is by far the best literature festival in Ireland and gets better every year thanks to Dani Gill. I had the privilege of being a judge at this years Spoken Word Platform competition in the King’s Head. You can read all about it here in this article entitled My Best Cúirt International Festival of Literature So Far.

Plenty of writing and publications out this year (but by far not enough, damn you rejections) but I had publications in poetry in four places I wanted to get published and these were Rat’s Ass Review, The Indian Review, Warscapes and Spontaneity. I was also a finalist in TCK Productions London Final 10 in London. Check out the publications page here to read the poems.

I will also have book reviews coming soon with Skylight47 publication based here in Galway. Keep an eye out for that.

If you fancy some free gorgeous recipes created by myself, I am writing a weekly column/article/recipe for the brilliant This is Galway website, trying to keep it very healthy, experimental yet simple. Go check them out.

I was the May featured reader at Over The Edge Gathering, Kitchen @ The Museum, which went brilliantly and on August 8th I will be a featured reader at Ó Bhéal, The Long Valley Bar, Cork along side my talented good friend Anne Irwin

So that’s a quick re-cap of what’s been happening as we are now over the half year mark. I’m also way ahead in reading more books than I did last year, this always makes me happy.

So come back to see what’s in store for next half of the year. Who knows?


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