I’ve been in recent contact with a local writer and TV producer Anne McCabe who published her first novel last year and I have received this press release about Anne and the book which you will find of interest. This is her first novel and it is quite popular due to the topics it is about. She is already working on a second novel. Read on and discover all about this excellent book.

Book Review: Under The Avalanche by Anne McCabeUnder the Avalanche
A Story Of Secrets Buried Deep In The Hills Of County Wicklow

A Heartfelt Story of Ireland from the 1940’s to the 1980’s, and the secret shame that has befallen so many women whose only sin was to dare to fall in love.

The author Anne McCabe is a writer and television director who has won many awards for her social documentaries and original TV drama. Anne once lived in a cottage in County Wicklow on a mountain near the site of the only avalanche ever to have happened in Ireland.  This avalanche and Anne’s own deep connections to County Wicklow provide the inspiration for this story.

Anne’s groundbreaking reports for RTE about the Kerry Babies Case of the 1980’s sent shock waves across the country. It shone an uncomfortable light on the choices offered to women in Ireland. It also provided further inspiration for this family saga about three generations of women . . . and the men in their lives.

Anne’s characters are haunted by the shadow cast by the 1867 avalanche and the unfolding Kerry Babies Case, creating a story of secrets and shame in an Ireland of not-so-long ago.

Anne McCabe joined RTE, the Irish national broadcaster, as the youngest producer/director to date where she worked in drama, documentary, current affairs and feature programming.

In 1993 she won a Jacob’s Award and a Celtic Award for her documentary about Dublin’s Aids orphans. Anne was Series Producer of the weekly health programme Check Up which ran for five years. She also directed numerous episodes of the nation’s favourite soaps Glenroe and Fair City. She went on to write and direct J.J. Biker, a movie about a haemophiliac with AIDs who wants to ride a Harley starring Brendan Gleeson, and Private Lives, an innovative drama series on psychotherapy.

In 1995 Anne joined the inaugural Irish-language broadcasting channel TG4 as Commissioning Editor for Drama and Documentary. She commissioned Gabriel Byrne to write the station’s opening night drama, Draoícht, in which he also starred.

She also established the hit drama series Ros Na Run. Since 2000 Anne has worked as a freelance writer/director. She recently co-wrote the screenplay for TV3’s Jack Taylor, a crime thriller set in Galway which was based on the novels of Ken Bruen. Anne currently directs Ros na Run on TG4. This is her first novel.

Where To Find It?

Under the Avalanche can be found in most book stores. You can order it from here online at Written in Ireland.com and also over at Amazon. Facebook/AnneMcCabe/Books—is fan page also facebook group UNDER THE AVALANCHE.

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