I’ve created this page with links to local and International mostly Independent shops I visit or have visited. We have all heard about our local book stores struggling in the modern age and most could do with our help by simply popping down, purchasing a book and lending support.

Book stores are and always will be an important part of our community. Though I like online publishing, you just cannot beat a great bookstore, the smell of it and the books, the atmosphere, the joy of discovering a collectors book you want to add to your collection. Yes, we all know you can now buy your books online but come on, get out, go for a walk, be sociable with people in the shops who have the same passion and desire for books as you.

Here I will list, gradually as I remember stores I have visited, and stores I love to visit. Also, if you own a book store, or are just a reader who visits a local book store, leave a comment or contact me with details of the store and I will add it to the list of book stores that bring joy to us Literature lovers.

Charlie Byrne’s Book Shop         Galway, Ireland

Chapters Book Store                     Dublin, Ireland

Gutter Bookshop                            Dublin Ireland

Arthur Probsthain                         London, England

Camden Lock Books                      London, England

Foyles                                                  London, England

London Review Bookshop          London, England

Shakespeare and Company        Paris, France

Moe’s Books                                      Berkeley, CA, USA

City Lights Bookstore                   North Beach, SF, USA

Pulpfiction Books                           Vancouver, Canada

The Hickory Stick Bookshop      Washington Depot, CT, USA

RJ Julia Booksellers                       Madison, CT, USA

Powell’s Books                                   Portland Oregon, USA