Fixing that Gut Feeling: Recipes to Improve Your Stomach

Fixing that Gut Feeling





Even though my current goal is not higher-fibre diet, the recipes are definitely worth it. I like how Mr. Stephen Byrne thinks and combines flavours to create his recipes. Will try them all as soon as possible!

- Jakub Zahumensky

Everyone should look after their gut through eating plenty of fibre but unfortunately, most people do not eat enough. With fibre intake at an all time low and a need to slowly fix my own gut, I have developed simple delicious high fibre recipes to get you on track and reap some amazing health benefits. Beat gut and heart diseases, digestive problems, tiredness and even lose weight. It’s all down to adding fibre. Try it for a while and see vast improvements in your overall health.

A mini book concentrating on high fiber foods and science backed research to help improve your gut.