New Poetry Book Somewhere but not Here by Stephen Byrne Out Now

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Somehere but not Here by stephen byrneIt has been nearly a year now since I wrote anything on this website. And the last time I wrote here was to announce that my mini manuscript, Somewhere but not Here, had won the RL Poetry Award, 2016 International category.

And now, nearly 12 months later I come back to write here to announce the release and publication of this by the RædLeaf Foundation for Poetry & Allied Arts in India and this book is now available on Amazon to buy if anyone has any interest.

You can see this book here.

It has been a crazy roller-coaster of a year which is the reason I have not written on the site for so long. In this year I have moved to Illinois, outside Chicago, got married, and now in the process of buying a house.

I have not written as much as I should but this will all change in the newyear as I begin my second book. I have had a good few publications (see here) and had the privilege and dream come true of reading for Rhino Magazine at Rhino Reads in Evanston Chicago.

I have also shut down my Ranting Beast site and redesigned this site,moving all content here and planning to be more active on this. I have set up a subscribe button so please do.

It’s great to be back on the site.

Will be writing more.

Stephen 12/5/2017

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