New Project Introducing Resources For Readers, Poets and Writers

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A Full On Reading Year Ahead

New Project Introducing Resources For Readers, Poets and WritersPeople who know me personally know I read a lot throughout the year and break this reading into categories such as history, science, small fiction and a lot of non-fiction, but the vast majority of books I read are poetry books. I love using Facebook to find books which comes naturally through friends recommendations or befriending new writers.

Through this method I have read a bucket load of brilliant books and met really cool writers online. So, I have decided to re-read my poetry book collection and create a new resource called poet/writer in profile where I will introduce the writer, add some background, recommend rather than review the book and share and show some of the writers work.

I also want to do interviews so yes I am going to contact many of the writers of the books and ask for a little insight into the craft of the book/s and ideas and thoughts on poetry, I think it would be interesting to my readers and hopefully inspirational.

The idea of a book recommendation appeals more to me that a boring book review because the books I am reading now are books I get very excited about and yes, I’m that guy that nudges you in the ribs, begging you to read this book.

The reason for this is I believe there are many amazing writers out there that need to be shared and this site gets great monthly visitors so hopefully by re-reading and adding great poetry books to the site, new visitors and fellow readers will find electric exciting new writers and books to go out, buy and support…yes buy the books people, support our writers.

My first book I am going to re-read will be Sarah Howe’s ‘Loop of Jade’ which is fresh in my brain and ready to get me practicing. I’m also setting up a subscribe box at the top so be sure to sign up so you can get the latest in the world of literature and if you have any poets or poetry book recommendations for me to read, leave in the comments below.

Happy Reading


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