Poets & Writers: An Invaluable Resource For WritersName: Poets & Writer
Website: http://www.pw.org/
Price: Free & Paid
Owners: Company owned
Overall Rank: 90 out 100

Poets & Writers is a well known and much loved writers resource providing valuable information for poets, creative nonfiction writers and fiction writers since 1970. It is a very large non-profit organization with an excellent information rich website and magazine.

P&W also provides financial support for literary events and readings, they also provide sponsorship for tons of competitions, writing prizes and awards.

The P&W Website

If you are a writer and have never visited this site, I highly recommend you do and love writing about here on this site. The site has tons of valuable information, whether you are a novice writer to professional, poet, fiction or non-fiction writer, essay writer and so on, there is something beneficial here for everyone. It gets a million visitors a year and provides information on where to get published and how. The valuable information on the website includes…

Poets & Writers: An Invaluable Resource For Writers A database of literary magazines and journals, small and independent presses. This is just too good a resource and gives you a huge selection of  places to submit your work; a must for any writer.

A list of literary agents

A directory of Poets and Writers with contact information, publication credits, and biographical information for more than 9,300 authors

A list of MFA programmes

Tons of writing contests, literary events with calendar and literary places.

Speakeasy message forum which is a great place to meet other writers

Provides readings and workshops

This is probably just the tip of the iceberg but more than enough. There is a nice active writers community within this site who offer support and advice while sharing information. The staff of the site are also easily on hand for any queries you may have.

The P&W Magazine

I am a subscriber to the magazine and it cost me $30, around 25 euros with the addition of postage and packaging  for the year which includes 6 issues. I enjoy and love reading this magazine especially for the essays, but the only problem with P&W is it is very American and aimed more at an American readership (I wish they would have an European edition) but in saying that, it is still worth subscribing to especially for the essays, articles, places you discover to submit your work, the competition deadlines, discovering new writers and poets.

Between the site and the magazine, P&W is a formidable force and one you should join up with. I also recommend subscribing to the email list, it is very valuable especially when you get emails telling you about 100 new places to submit your work and so on, excellent service.

The site also has plenty of writers tools which you can view here, great writing prompts and a list of jobs available in the trade. The magazine can be shipped anywhere in the world, and though I do say it is more for Americans, I still recommend it and if you do want to check it out, maybe have a look around the website to see if you think the magazine would be of benefit.

My Final Opinion

With all the information for writers, I have to highly recommend this website and magazine. The database of literary magazines and journals, small and independent presses is invaluable for any writer, so much information and well organised making it easy for you to find a home for your poetry, fiction, non-fiction, essay, story or review. Check out the site and enjoy this wonderful resource.

For anybody reading this, I am looking for the equivilant of P&W in Europe, and if you know of such a magazine or site could you leave a comment below with the link, or any comment in general is welcome. Cheers.

Name: Poets & Writer
Website: http://www.pw.org/
Price: Free & Paid
Owners: Company owned
Overall Rank: 90 out 100