Poems Online

Apricity Magazine
Fist and What Happened to Us

The Galway Review
Disco Ball, Listen & You Can Hear It In The Storm

Rise Up Review
Three-Day Ceasefire in a Field in Beit Lahiya

The Blue Nib
Waiting to Return, Again and Again You Leave, Returning

Poets Reading The News
With Open Arms I Have Heard, Hummingbird, The Strange Pattern of Birds

The Galway Review
There Are Certain Things You Should Know, How Strange These Things, Dragons and Beasts


Tuck Magazine
Portrait of Someone’s Child, Someone’s Daughter

Efflorescence (Shortlisted for the Redline Book festival Award 2014)

A New Ulster
Chest, Throat, Stomach, lips, Neurotransmitters

The Indian Review
Because You’re a Girl, Neither Mourn nor Forget

TCK Productions London Final 10
May 2nd


Rat’s Ass Review
Moving On, Love & Ensuing, Madness Issue
In an Instant You Open Your Eyes and Snow Falls, She Speaks Cello, Spring 2016 Issue

The Galway Review
In Each Others Pockets, Where Flowers Grow, In the Sand beneath my Feet
These poems were translated into Russian by Sabina Browne for Nasha Gazeta, Dublin Edition including an interview you can read here.

The Original Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology
Impossible to Stop

The Blue Hour
Moving On,A Letter to Bullshit on the Internet, A Lover Speaks to their Beloved

The World is a Blank Piece of Paper, Sweet Drunkenness and Five States of Poetic Consciousness

Crack the Spine 
Let’s Recollect The Madness

The Dead Beats
Be One and In memory of a Beat

The Galway Review  
O, To Be Between Your Legs, Sea, Carlsberg don’t do countries, but if they did…

Emerge Literary Journal
Ode To A Gourmet Sandwich

The Rusty Nail
Ode to the Sound of the Voice, Room Without A View, The Silence of Fuente Grande

The Pickled Body
Amuse Bouche

Poems In Print

Please Hear What I’m Not Saying Poetry Anthology
Conversation with a Rose

Skylight 47 Issue 7

Skylight47 Issue 5
I Have To Let You Go

Ropes 2015
Unanswered Questions, A Father Calls to his Child on Liveleak Anthology
Ode To A World Of You

Galway Review Anthology

Poetry Bus
Elegy for the Mad Ones

Boyne Berries
Shadow Puppets

Emerge Literary Journal
A Child Awakes at Midnight

The Big Issue
Country So Proud

The Galway Advertiser