Review of Stephen Byrne’s ‘Somewhere but not Here’ in The Blue Nib Magazine

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Somewhere but not Here Reviewed by Dave Kavanagh in The Blue Nib Magazine

Review of Stephen Byrne's 'Somewhere but not Here' in The Blue Nib MagazineWhen you produce work, sweat and create a small collection of poetry, you give all of your energy, passion, and voice to a book, send it out into the world and be delighted if a handful of people read it.

And when/if it gets picked up for a review, you again, sweat and bite your fingers shaking about the outcome. But, any review or acknowledgment of the work you created can only be good and draw some attention to the little book you spent years on.

It gets better though, when a magazine you love to read and respect, picks up your book and serves you a respectful and up-lifting delightful review, you can only howl with joy.

Well, thanks to The Blue Nib magazine and editor Dave Kavanagh, in issue 22, my little book has a review, my first proper review of my work and I’m delighted it was this excellent magazine, one of Irelands finest and readership-growing publications. I have had 3 poems published here before too.

Be sure to check out this magazine. Always amazing poetry and engaging articles. Each edition has a featured poet too with usually 5 poems, always high quality. Submit to if you have work waiting for a home.

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