Shadow Poetry: The Best Poetry Writers Resource OnlineName: Shadow Poetry
Price: Free
Owners: James and Marie Summers
Overall Rank: 100 out 100

Shadow Poetry Is Just Too Good

Shadow Poetry is an amazing writers resource for poets, one of my favourite sites online, and is one hundred percent free. This website was set up way way back in 2000 by James and Marie Summers as a site devoted to poetry, to education, offering information and services to writers all around the world and I can not recommend a better site for you to visit.

The goal of this site is to improve the skills of writers, provide and increase the knowledge of poetry forms, to help build self-confidence through writers resources and provide interesting and exciting new experiences for writers, novice or experienced.

What is Available at Shadow Poetry?

Shadow Poetry: The Best Poetry Writers Resource OnlineI found this site 6 years ago when I was researching Japanese poetry forms. There is so much information on this site you may think it overwhelming, yet, it is so professionally laid out it is very easy to find information on any thing to do with poetry.

The site has recently had a make over and looks amazing, simple, and easy to use. There is so much information on this site I will break down here what you can expect..

Poetry Forms: This section is a must for any poet. There is basically every poetry form you can think of, broken down, explained with a how to do, and also you are provided with examples. This includes Traditional Poetry Forms aswell as Invented Poetry Forms such as the Rictameter and there are many, actually, a bucket load for you to discover and try out with your next poem.

Poetry Quotes: A nice selection of poetry quotes for you to enjoy and use.

What is Poetry: A brilliant section, diving right in to the technical terms of poetry, the mechanics, the figures of speech and definitions of what exactly poetry is, very enjoyable.

Japanese Poetry: One of my favourite sections. A comprehensive guide into the poetry forms of Japan, the Haiku and Senryu with definitions, helpful hits, how to write, the history, and examples of each aswell as information on one of my favourite forms to write, The Tanka.

Poetry Hand Book: Basically you are provided with a poetry dictionary, an A-Z of every poetry term defined in an easy manner.

The Poetry Guide: This is 21 brilliant essays by Don J. Carlson on every thing poetry: How to write? What to write? Where to publish? The structure of poetry. Analyzing poetry. How to make a career out of poetry? What to know before entering contests? This is just a taste of the excellent must read essays and articles here.

My Final Opinion

Shadow Poetry: The Best Poetry Writers Resource OnlineI love Shadow Poetry and highly recommend it. Not just because the information is free (the site is also ad free and relies on donations to survive) but because it is interesting, and important to the development of any poet, novice or experienced. If you want to learn about any Poetry Form and how to write it, then this is the place to visit. Be sure to check it out and enjoy what is on offer.


Name: Shadow Poetry
Price: Free
Owners: James and Marie Summers
Overall Rank: 100 out of 100

Verdict: Best Place Online for writers who want to learn about form poetry.

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