Wayword Tuesdays: An Anthology by the Tuesday Nights

Wayword Tuesdays: An anthology by the Tuesday Nights



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Shortlisted for Writing Magazines Writers’ Circle Anthology Award

Such simplicity of expression is used to great effect by Stephen Byrne. Though both simple and direct, his style is quite unique. “The Matador resurrects the Day” is a quite abstract, stream-of-consciousness piece, leaving the reader with sense of curiosity, which is a nice taste to be left with when parting from Byrne’s work. Reading through his sestet of pieces, a sense of the old-school is conveyed, not in language but in subject matter. Ageing and creativity infuse much of his work. There’s a whiff of the Shakespearean sonnet, though no hint of such rigid form. “I Want to Strangle Mick Jagger” could have become an annoying diatribe against the Rolling Stones front man, but Byrne delightfully contorts this into a meditation on time and ageing. “Room Without a View” is atmospheric, quite like a short story, with lines like “I listened like a hunted deer”.

Trevor Conway - The Galway Review

About This Book

Wayword Tuesdays is a collection of poetry from seven highly diverse Galway poets: Breege Wardein, Bernie Ashe, Ruth Quinlan, Stephen Byrne, Eileen Ní Shuilleabháin, Dave Donovan and Anne Irwin. Their poems range from delighted observations of the mundane and celebrations of family bonds, to contemplations on the inescapable weight of the past.

Together, they offer an invitation to partake in an expedition of the imagination - from the familiarity of the rocky coasts and byways of western Ireland to the heartland of continental Europe and onwards to the deserts and lofty peaks of the Americas.

Underlying these explorations of the inner and outer worlds is a wry affection and understanding of both the frailties and hidden resilience of the human condition.

This is a collection that will tempt the reader to return time and again, providing something new on each occasion.