Writers Resource: The Review Review Is A Must For All Lovers of LiteratureName: The Review Review
Website:  http://www.thereviewreview.net/
Price: Free
Owner: Becky Tuch, Founding Editor
Overall Rank: 98 out 100

When I get my regular email from The Review Review website I’m usually excited and dedicate some time to dive in and read. The website is one of my favourite online resources for finding the best lit-mags to read, submit and support and you too should make it a bookmark to return to.

The Review Review

It’s all in the name. Basically, The Review Review was founded by Becky Tuch who decided to create a website that reviews Literature and Arts journals as well as interviews the editors, guiding writers and readers towards new or established places to read and submit.

Reading interviews with editors from journals and magazines can be very helpful for getting insight into what they like, their tastes and how they publish. Also, you get to see just how much work (and also how little money) is put into editing and creating a print or online journal; appreciation of our editors becomes more intimate through these interviews.

The whole idea of reviewing a magazine or journal is invaluable to us writers and readers. This process has helped myself find a whole bunch of amazing journals that fit my work. Reviewing a literature journal gives us great insight into what they look for, what they do and don’t publish and best part, some new or established voices to be enjoyed.

The Review Review will also keep you informed on who is calling for submissions and what writing contests are available. There are also tons of brilliant magazine reviews, worldwide journals searching for all formats such as poetry, flash fiction, fiction, essay writing and so on, that I highly recommend you visit the website now and subscribe for the best email to hit your email box you will be glad of.